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Hire and onboard all through one suite

Revolutionize the way you onboard, manage and engage with your employees

Business Challenge

Employee experience is difficult to manage.

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Manual Process

Manual onboarding is highly cumbersome and prone to error

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Resource Extensive

Extremely expensive and time consuming traditional process, which multiplies with the hundreds of employees.

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Zero Visibility

Manual process creates zero visibility because of dispersion.

The Solution

We help companies in digitizing employee onboarding and management process for overall improvement in employee experience with no manual work.


Employee Onboarding & Segmentation

The employee onboarding procedure at Quickboarding begins when the job is posted.


Assess applicants through an online assessement test

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performanace management quickboarding

Employee Management

Manage all your employees at one place

Employee Offboarding

Leverage team oriented offboarding process

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Automate HR Workflows

Quickboarding is not just about onboarding, offboarding. You can also put other HR processes on auto pilot mode.

One solution for every use case

Quickboarding helps you onboarding and managing employees with complete flexibility.

What Impact ?

Minimal Drop-outs

Reduced Risk

Higher Engagement

78% decrease in disbursal time


Enhanced CX

Enhanced Experience

Enable True Digital Transformation