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Build relationships just while onboarding

Revolutionize the way you procure, manage and engage your vendors

Business Challenge

Simplify and automate vendor onboarding and risk management

Challenge 1QB_

Risk Communication and Review

Lack of a central channel for communication so that all the stakeholders are on the same page, and keep track of every minor activity in regard with the risk review process.

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Resource extensive

Extremely expensive and time consuming traditional process, which multiplies with the hundreds of contracted vendors.

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Heavy Reporting

Periodic audit reports required for stakeholders and audit teams, which again is a heavy and time consuming task.

Challenge 1QB_

Ongoing Risk Assessment

Regularly surveying each third party, maintaining their risk scores, to keep your company atop of the emerging third and fourth party risks is also a hefty & time consuming task

What is Vendor Onboarding?

Vendor onboarding which is also known as supplier onboarding or supplier relationship management is a process that enables organizations to collect the documentation and data to approve and contract vendors, buying goods and services, and to make payments timely to existing and new supply partners.

Why do you need it?

Vendor onboarding process involves a lot of manual work which in turn delays it and also creates a bad experience for the vendor. In this fast moving world it has now become necessary to be agile so as to save time of both vendor and business institution.

The Solution

We help organizations in digitizing vendor onboarding and management process so that they can reach their vendors without any barrier, allowing them to quickly and intelligently build business relationships.


Vendor Onboarding & Segmentation​

Obtain an all-round view of the complete TPRM program.

Assessments & Audits

Assess vendor compliance with industry-standard templates

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Risk Analysis, Prioritization and Treatment​

Automated risk analysis based on rule engine that allow on the fly risk scoring

Performance Management​

Keep track and monitor performance against SLAs and KPIs

performanace management quickboarding
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Reporting & Analytics​

Track, analyze and quickly share reports.

Robust Sharing Platform​

Respond to the queries and set automated follow ups from the system

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What Impact ?

80% reduced chances of errors

80% reduced chances of errors

Reduced Risk


82% increase in efficiency

Enhanced Experience

Enhanced Experience

Enable True Digital Transformation