Digital Investor Onboarding

Revolutionize investor onboarding through a modern, digital experience.

Business Challenge

Offering personalized onboarding experience is difficult.

Challenge 3QB_

Investors want
self service

Investors want self service to save their time.

Challenge 1QB_


Investors walk away because of cumbersome forms and document requirements.

Challenge 3QB_


Time taking and cumbersome process create bad experience

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Resource Extensive

Extremely expensive and time consuming traditional process, which multiplies with the thousands of investors.

The Solution

We help Investment firms digitize the onboarding process so that they can reach the investors without any barriers, allowing them for quick and intelligent service delivery.


Digitize Onboarding

Our no-code Form Builder will make your job more enjoyable. Drag and drop components, custom validations, adjusting the buttons — flexibility is all yours

Automated KYC & Identity Verification

Leverage a wide range of identity verification methodologies to verify the investors in real-time to reduce the risk of identity fraud.


Document Collection & Verification

Collect required documents and do real-time forgery verification. Facial comparison and optical character recognition technology have added another layer of confidence to the customer’s credibility.

One solution for every use case

Quickboarding helps you sourcing and managing investors while keeping you compliant.

What Impact ?

Competitive Advantage

Reduced Risk

Efficient Onboarding

78% decrease in disbursal time

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced CX

Enhanced Experience

Enable True Digital Transformation